We at Double R Trading live, breath and ride motorcycles. Starting from a passion for bikes and motorsports we are working daily to give you a smile on your face. Double R Trading sells exclusively to other professionals in the 2 -4 wheels branch. Only supplying to shops worldwide. Motorcycles are sold directly from our warehouse or will be sourced through our extended network of other professionals. Your business matters, therefore single unit orders are handled same as full truck-container loads. Orders of different models and brands can be accumulated to ship at same transport. Don`t wait till tomorrow, contact us and we will help you find the bikes you are looking for.

Passion and dedication

We ride motorcycles, we breath motorcycles and are ready to share our enthusiasm with motorcycle shops worldwide.

Packing and shipping

Our experienced expedition workers will prepare and repack if necessary to make sure your bikes are shipped in perfect condition.

Motorcycles without factory packing? At Double R Trading, we have developed our own know-down crate. Build from fumigated wood, this packaging is accepted by customs worldwide. We have all necessary custom licences to take care of all needed customs and shipping papers. Double R Trading is AEO certificated.

Contact us for all possibilities.


Mud, zand and frozen dirtroads. MX bikes will conquer them. From 50cc up to 450cc. We provide a wide range of motocross models. Using our extended network we have access to all main brands such as Honda, Kawasaki, KTM, Suzuki and Yamaha.

Personal attention from enthusiastic proffesionals with a common goal?

Contact us to share your passion for motorcycles.

We also sell OEM motorcycle parts!

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